2013 Knowledge Synthesis Grants

On November 1, 2013, the Network announced seven awards funding projects under the CFN Knowledge Synthesis Grants Program 2013. 

The awards provide funding for 36 investigators (including 8 new Network Investigators and 3 new Network institutions), along with numerous partners and trainees. They represent a wide range of disciplines and institutions, and have partnered with a broad group of co-investigators and knowledge users.

Knowledge Synthesis Grants support teams of researchers and knowledge users in producing reviews that contribute to the use of synthesized evidence in decision-making and practice. The work will guide future research priorities and support the development of reports and Network knowledge translation activities.

Projects Funded

For more details on any of the projects, please click on the project names below:

Choosing Healthcare Options by Involving Canada’s Elderly: The CHOICE Knowledge Synthesis Project (KS 2013-08)

Principal Investigator:

Paul Stolee, PhD, MSc, MPA, BA — University of Waterloo

Hip fracture quality indicators: A scoping review (KS 2013-07)

Principal Investigator:

Susan Jaglal, PhD, MSc, BSc — University of Toronto

Patient- and family-reported experience and outcome measures for elderly acute care patients: A knowledge synthesis (KS 2013-09)

Principal Investigator:

Richard Sawatzky, PhD, MSc, BSc, RN — Trinity Western University

Antipsychotics for management of delirium – A systematic review (KS 2013-10)

Principal Investigator:

Lisa Burry, BScPharm, PharmD — Mount Sinai Hospital

Post-discharge rehabilitation interventions for older adults with cognitive impairment following a hip fracture (KS 2013-05)

Principal Investigators:

Katherine McGilton, PhD, RN — Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network

Paula van Wyk, PhD — University of Windsor

Assessing Quality of Life (QoL) Measures for Elderly Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survivors: A Systematic Review (KS 2013-01)

Principal Investigator:

Donna Ouchterlony, MD, CCFP — St. Michael’s Hospital

A Scoping Review Determining the Current and Future Role of Occupational Therapy in the ICU (KS 2013-13)

Principal Investigators:

Susan Baptiste, MSc, OT(C) — McMaster University

Michelle Kho, PhD, PT — McMaster University