2018 Catalyst Grant Competition

This competition was designed to fund innovative research, knowledge translation or quality improvement proposals that directly addressed one or more of the Top 10 citizen identified frailty priorities during the CFN-funded Canadian Frailty Priority Setting Partnership study. This study used the James Lind Alliance (JLA) process to establish the frailty priorities for investigation.

The competition was presented in collaboration with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF).

Projects Funded

12 projects were funded, each up to $100,000 and for up to 16 months. All projects have secured at least matching funds in partner cash or in-kind contributions.

Improving Supportive End-of-Life Care in Long-Term Care: Exploring the Changing Role of Family Physicians in Care Teams (CAT 2018-03) — Jayna Holroyd-Leduc, BSc, MD, FRCPC – University of Calgary

“C5-75”: A primary care program to identify and support older adults living with frailty (CAT 2018-19) – Linda Lee, MD, MCISc(FM), CCFP, FCFP — McMaster University

Family Identification of Delirium in Critically Ill Patients Living with Frailty (CAT 2018-01)Kirsten Fiest, PhD – University of Calgary

Experience and compliance with exercise before cancer surgery for older adults living with frailty (CAT 2018-16)Daniel McIsaac, MD, MPH, FRCPC – Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

The Breaking “Bad Rest” Study: Interrupting sedentary time to reverse frailty levels in acute care (CAT 2018-27)Olga Theou, PhD – Nova Scotia Health Authority

Benefit of a Telehealth home-monitoring program for patients living with frailty undergoing heart surgery (CAT 2018-13) – Keith Brunt, PhD – University of New Brunswick & Jean-François Légaré, MD – New Brunswick Heart Centre/Horizon Health Network

Stand if You Can (CAT 2018-15) – Danielle Bouchard, PhD, MSc – University of New Brunswick, Linda Caissie, PhD – St. Thomas University & Grant Handrigan, PhD – Université de Moncton

Supporting quality of life assessments of frail older adults and their family caregivers (CAT 2018-17) – Richard Sawatzky, PhD, MSc, BSc, RN – Trinity Western University & Kara Schick-Makaroff, PhD, MN, BScN, RN  – University of Alberta

Promoting intersectoral collaboration to support frail older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the community (CAT 2018-35) – Lynn Martin, PhD – Lakehead University

Social Frailty in Recently Relocated Semi-Independent Older Adults (CAT 2018-42) – Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, PhD – Université de Moncton

Frailty predicts early death or functional decline after dialysis in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CAT 2018-11) — Navdeep Tangri, PhD – University of Manitoba

Optimizing transitions from hospital to home for frail older adults: a mixed method study to examine how hospital discharge plans translate into supportive home care environments (CAT 2018-38) – Rose McCloskey, RN, PhD, GNC (C) – University of New Brunswick & Pamela Jarrett, MD, FRCPC, FACP – Horizon Health Network

About the competition

Applicants holding an academic or research appointment at a CFN network member institution, and eligible to receive grant funding from CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC were eligible to apply. Individuals from any discipline were encouraged to apply.

Catalyst Grant Programs support scalable implementation studies, feasibility studies, translational studies or quality improvement studies that investigate novel and innovative approaches, methodologies and/or technologies, including social innovations and novel approaches to policy change. Studies were required to focus on older Canadians living with frailty and/or their families and caregivers.