AVOID Frailty Regional Centres for Healthy Aging (RCHA) Program

Three Regional Centres for Healthy Aging (RCHA) were funded under this competition that aimed to spread the implementation of CFN’s AVOID Frailty Program for Healthy Aging. The program is a community-driven health intervention that aims to enable uptake and maintenance of healthy behaviours among older adults. The selected RCHAs will spread the AVOID Frailty Program for Healthy Aging by engaging and empowering community members and organizations. Full competition details.

Projects Funded

For more details on any of the projects, please click on the project titles below:

Helping to create an age-friendly environment in the city of Trois-Rivières (PROACTIVE2022). Principal Investigator: Anik Giguere — Université Laval

Pacific Regional Centre for Healthy Aging (RCHA2022-012). Principal Investigator: Grace Park – Fraser Health Authority

Healthy Aging in Northern Alberta (RCHA2022-013). Principal Investigator: Tammy O’Rourke – Athabasca University