Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Regional Centres Competition

You cannot add additional Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators once the LOI deadline has passed. You can remove team members if necessary.

Post doctoral fellows are not eligible unless they can demonstrate that they will start a new faculty position as an assistant professor (or equivalent before funding would start.

An investigator can only submit one application to this competition as the Project Leader. An investigator can be named as a team member on more than one proposal. We do not specify an upper limit.

Indirect costs are not eligible expenses, as the successful applicant/university will get reimbursed for indirect costs like they do with their Tri-council awards (CFN is a NCE which is funded by the Tri-council).

Yes, please click here for more information on different aspects of the Centre.

Although social isolation falls within the scope of the competition; however, CFN is looking to fund an AVOID-related program. A proposal that focuses on one AVOID related behaviour (i.e., studies the effectiveness of a single intervention) is unlikely to be competitive.

No, the RCHA Competition is intended to encourage the adoption and maintenance of the AVOID Frailty program community-wide to older adults living in their homes (may include retirement homes).

No, REB approval is not necessary. However, submission of your proposal to your institution’s REB is required. Upload proof of REB submission with your application. If your institution does not review proposals that are not yet funded, please upload a letter from your REB stating this policy.

No, renovations are not considered eligible in-kind contributions. Please refer here for examples of eligible and ineligible expenses.

Yes, a general description of the AVOID Frailty platform data storage and privacy can be found in this document.

No, the budget justification is not part of the 5-page proposal. The budget justification must be submitted as supporting information and must reflect details of the budget provided in the budget Excel document.

Yes, the plan for adaptation refers to details on how you will use/modify/implement the foundation of the CFN AVOID Frailty Program for Healthy Aging to fit the local context (people, built environment, culture, etc) described in your proposal.

Yes, partners can be added and removed for your full application. However, the investigators listed at the LOI stage cannot be modified for the full application.