2019/2020 NCE Report- HQP Quotes: Alum

Lavan Sivarajah–2017 SSA

I was a Savlov Geriatric Summer scholar at Mount Sinai Hospital for 2 years, where I was involved in research pertaining to geriatric education in the medical school curriculum. The program also gave me the opportunity to shadow many different healthcare professionals involved in geriatric care including home visits from family physicians.

Kelly Kay–2013 IFP

Since my involvement in CFN, I have assisted in the creation and secured funding for Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Office in the province of Ontario, which is carrying out many activities relevant to the care of older adults living with complex health concerns, including frailty. https://rgps.on.ca

Chelsia Gillis–2016 IFP

Nearly all of the people who have influenced my career the most, I met while attending CFN conferences, participating in CFN events, and/or through CFN mentorship.

Rebecca Druken– 2019 SSA

My knowledge of frailty has aided me in my daily functioning in a pharmacy setting. I am better able to understand the impact on frailty on patient health outcomes and in deciding on treatments and recommendations.