2019/2020 NCE Report-HQP Quotes: Focus on Research

Molly Gallibois– 2019 SSA

My experience with CFN has helped shape my interest in gerontology research. I was involved with the Stand if You Can project as an HQP and as a summer student. I’ve learned so much about project recruitment and implementation as well as patient engagement and knowledge dissemination.

Alexandra Lewis– 2019 SSA

CFN has given me my first research experience and allowed me to attend my first conference. This opportunity has shown me how to network, as well as, the benefits that come from it. My involvement with CFN has given me a positive experience with research and has propelled me to continue to do research in this field.

Grace Werner– 2018 SSA

Working in the research field opened up both doors, but also thought processes of my own. Research had never been something I really desired to pursue, however after experiencing the process from grant applications all the way through poster presentations, I was introduced into the way that research can have an impact on so many unique populations. While most of my experience lies with first line healthcare responders, the unique gifts and strengths of research have become increasingly powerful for myself as a nurse..