Frailty: Assessment, Mitigation & Prevention Module

The module will explore the concept of frailty: a condition of reduced function and health in older individuals that increases the odds of developing multiple medical conditions and affects an individual’s ability to perform activities in their daily lives. This module will provide certified Continued Medical Education (CME) credits.

What to expect from Frailty: Assessment, Mitigation & Prevention

Introduction to Frailty: 

This section will provide an introduction to frailty, define what frailty is, and why it is important. Explore the stigma that surround frailty and learn about different models of frailty that are used.

Frailty Assessment: 

Learn about when and where to assess frailty, and what tools can be used in frailty assessments. This section will explore frailty assessment across different settings of care and give examples of frailty and comprehensive geriatric assessments.

Frailty Mitigation and Prevention: 

Consider ways that frailty can be prevented using the AVOID Frailty framework which considers activity, vaccinations, optimizing medications, interaction, and diet and nutrition.