Optimizing transitions of care — February 5, 2015

CFN’s December webinar focused on optimizing transitions of care for Canada’s seriously ill, frail elderly, a theme update by CFN Theme Lead Dr. Marilyn Macdonald.

CFN believes that caring for the frail elderly is a complex, Canada-wide issue that requires multi-faceted, national strategies and solutions, and our monthly webinars are one way we bring together talented people to focus on this goal.

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About the presenter:

Macdonald, Marilyn THUMBNAIL   Marilyn Macdonald, PhD, MSN, BSN, Dalhousie University

Dr. Macdonald is an Associate Professor, and Associate Director Graduate Studies in the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Professions, and Dalhousie University. She received her PhD in Nursing from the University of San Diego, and a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of New Brunswick. Dr. Macdonald served as a member of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s (CPSI) Core Team of Researchers for Safety in Home Care, and was selected to be a member of a multidisciplinary group to establish The Safety Competencies: Enhancing Patient Safety across the Health Professions. These competencies are being integrated into curricula in all programs of disciplinary study in the country.  Dr. Macdonald’s program of research is focused on safety in home care, and her research has contributed to mapping the terrain of safety in home care, recommending changes in home care delivery, and to setting priorities for research in this domain. She has also served as a reviewer for various CIHR competitions, including Partnerships for Health System Improvement and Knowledge Synthesis.