Christopher Nguan

      Christopher Nguan MD, FRCSC Urology

      University of British Columbia


2020 Summer Student Award — Colin Davey

Dr. Christopher Nguan is a full time surgeon scientist in the UBC Department of Urologic Sciences at Vancouver General Hospital. He holds certification in Urology with subspecialization in Kidney Transplantation and Minimally Invasive Surgery / Robotics. He is currently the Director of the Postgraduate Urology Training Program for UBC, and holds the position of Associate Professor. Dr. Nguan serves as the Director for the Surgical Kidney Transplant Program at VGH, and has worked in this role for the past 14 years, since completing fellowship in London, Ontario in 2006. Dr. Nguan’s active areas of research interest are broad, and include patient centered quality and safety issues pertaining to identifying and optimizing appropriate patients for renal transplantation, basic science research in the fields of organ preservation and ischemia reperfusion injury, and development of applied science solutions to surgery.