Geoff Fernie

Fernie Geoff CROPPED Geoff Fernie, PhD, PEng

University Health Network — Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Principal Investigator:

2014 Health Technology Innovation Grant — An innovation for relocating a toilet to ease access for the frail elderly at home (HTIG 2014-07)

Dr. Geoff Fernie is a Senior Scientist and Director of the Research Institute at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and a Scientist at the KITE Research Institute at University Health Network. He is also a Professor in the Department of Surgery, with cross-appointments with the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, the Department of Physical Therapy, and the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, all at University of Toronto. His research interests are primarily focused on inventing solutions to everyday problems, developing technologies to prevent injury and disease, and to help individuals and their family caregivers continue to live in their own homes as they age. He has a track record of taking inventions from the laboratory and making them available on the market, including innovative wheelchairs and bathroom aids, and others reducing the physical burden of caring for people, including the prevention of back and shoulder injuries caused by lifting and moving people.