Anik Giguère

Giguere Anik

Anik Giguère, PhD

Université Laval

Member: Knowledge Translation Committee

Principal Investigator:

2015 Transformative Grant Program Pilot Study — Transforming primary health care for frail elderly Canadians (TG 2015-24-P)

2014 Environmental Scan — Environmental scan to describe the current care received by seriously ill, frail  elderly patients nearing end of life in Canada (ES-01)

Anik Giguère is a scientist at the Quebec Center for Excellence in Aging and Associate Professor at the Department of family and emergency medicine of Laval University. She is also a certified trainer of the Cochrane Collaboration for the training of systematic review authors. After obtaining her doctorate in Biology at INRS in Quebec City, she worked as research associate within the Quebec centre for excellence in aging, on projects addressing geriatric and palliative healthcare services. Then, she completed postdoctoral trainings, first at the Research Chair in Implementation of Shared Decision Making in Primary Care at Laval University, and then at the Health Information Unit at McMaster University, supported by a fellowship from the KT Canada research network. Her program of research aims at developing and implementing interventions to support senior patients, their caregivers and healthcare providers, in making informed and value-based decisions.