Grace Park

Grace Park, MD, CCFP

Fraser Health Authority

Principal Investigator:

Community Actions and Resources Empower Seniors (CARES) (CARES2020)

Dr. Grace H. Park is a Family Physician and the Regional Medical Director for Home and Community Care in the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia Canada.  She brings decades of experience as a primary care provider in working at the systems level within the health authority.  Dr. Park’s area of interest is integration of primary healthcare with health authority services in the community.   She developed and implemented the Community Actions and Resources Empowering Seniors (CARES) in Fraser health since 2015 and launched frailty education for community GPs with Divisions of Family Practice.  She is a consultant to Doctors of BC Health Promotion committee on Frailty since 2019 promoting support for primary care practitioners to manage frailty in their practices as well as contribute to policy development on frailty management.

Her research interest is frailty prevention and management in primary care and is a Co – Investigator in the CIHR funded research with CARES and electronic Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment tool.  She is also a member of the International Foundation for Integrated Care Special Interest Group on Frailty and is a faculty member for the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement collaborative Advancing Frailty Care in Community (AFCC collaborative).

In promoting healthy aging and ‘Upstream’ senior care that engages primary care and community services she has partnered with United Way and Community Based Senior Services to integrate the social sector, local NGOs to address frailty prevention and to promote social prescribing in the community.