Soham Rej

Soham Rej, MD, MSc

Jewish General Hospital


2019 Summer Student Awards Program — Joyce Wu

Soham Rej completed his medical school and psychiatry residency at McGill in 2014, followed by a geriatric psychiatry research/clinical fellowship at the University of Toronto in 2017. He is an Assistant Professor at McGill, and a Geriatric Psychiatrist and Junior Clinician-Scientist at the Jewish General Hospital/Lady Davis.

Dr. Rej’s main research interest involves clinical trials of mind-body interventions (e.g. mindfulness, tai chi, yoga) in the treatment of late-life mood, anxiety, and cognitive disorders. He has 75 peer-reviewed publications and has received funding from the Fonds de Recherche en Quebec Sante (FRQS) Clinician-Scientist program, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and other agencies.