2020 National Conference on Frailty

Call for Submissions–CLOSED

As our aging population grows the Canadian Frailty Network has a clear vision for the future of frailty care in this country. 1.5 million Canadians 65-plus live with frailty, as do 3.75 million Canadians who are their caregivers and hundreds of thousands more in our health and social care workforce. As Canada’s only national network dedicated to older Canadians living with frailty and all responsible for their well-being, we envision improvements to care that support a holistic approach, integration and that take into consideration the wishes of older adults living with frailty.  If Canada is to adequately care for its older adults, frailty needs to be part of the conversations among citizens, caregivers, patients, families, scientists, practitioners and policy makers. This conference is a unique opportunity to examine frailty from many perspectives at a single event.  CLICK HERE to read more about last year’s conference attended by approximately 300 delegates.

We invite all those working to improve health and social care for older Canadians living with frailty and/or support their caregivers to submit your initiative for an opportunity to be highlighted at the National Conference on Frailty on September 21-22 at the Westin Nova Scotian, Halifax.

Submissions should showcase the real-world application or knowledge translation of evidence-based initiatives OR cutting-edge research findings. Initiatives should fit into one of following themes:

  • Social Frailty
  • Climate Change and Vulnerability
  • Marginalized Populations
  • Policy and its Impact on Frailty and/or Caregiving
  • Caregiver Support
  • Practice Change
  • Frailty Identification
  • Biology of Frailty

Those submitting an initiative for consideration will be given the opportunity to indicate whether an oral (podium) or storyboard presentation is preferred.

This competition is open to all public and private members of the public implementing practice or policy change in all care settings within Canada.

Storyboard Forum

Much like a scientific poster presentation, a storyboard allows presenters to display their initiatives in a visual manner. The content and format of the storyboard will be at the presenter’s discretion, allowing for teams to display their initiatives with pictures, flyers, testimonials etc. that better convey the “story” of their work and meaningful impact.

Oral Presentation Forum

Oral presentations may be presented by a single individual (15 mins) or a symposium/panel (45mins). All oral presentations will be given in the main plenary room. There are no concurrent sessions. Submissions for single presenter oral (podium) presentations may be grouped at the discretion of CFN.  Submissions that are not selected for oral presentation will be considered for the storyboard forum.

Submission Guidelines

The submission process is comprised of two parts; a written summary of the initiative and two additional questions. You will also be asked for the names and contact information of team members involved in the innovation.


The summary of the initiative should not exceed 350 words. To facilitate timely review, submissions must be written in a structured format comprising all four sections below:

  • Background and reason for initiative
  • Key elements and how it works
  • Evaluation
  • Impact on older adults living with frailty and/or their caregivers

Additional Questions

  • How have patients or citizens been involved or engaged within various stages of the development/implementation of the initiative?
  • List all units, regions and organizations that have adapted and/or implemented the initiative

Deadline for submission: Friday, March 6, 2020

Questions? If you have any questions about proposal submissions, please contact Claire Notman at conference@cfn-nce.ca or 613-549-6666 x. 7986