CFN supports IFA consensus statement aiming to improve rates of adult pneumonia vaccination in Canada

December 23, 2020

On 20th October 2020, the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) convened an expert meeting
entitled “Pneumonia vaccination in at-risk groups: A Canadian Perspective – Increasing relevance
in a pandemic era.” Experts in the field of infectious diseases, leaders in patient, ageing and at-risk
population organizations, professional associations and health care providers deliberated
on the factors contributing to the low rates of adult pneumonia vaccination and the significant
social and economic consequences for a nation that is ageing and has a growing prevalence of
noncommunicable diseases.

The “Pneumonia vaccination in at-risk groups: A Canadian perspective – Increasing relevance in a
pandemic era” expert meeting represents the coming together of unlike groups to bridge professional
boundaries with one voice to advocate for improved adult pneumonia immunization policies
and practices across Canada, particularly for older Canadians and those with underlying health

This consensus statement outlines the issues and actions that delegates concurred must take place
towards the common goal of improving the rates of adult pneumonia vaccination in Canada.

Recommendations include:

  • Improving both the surveillance and reporting of pneumonia
  • Investing in improving; research, surveillance, national immunization registry and measurable public health campaigns
  • Robust, comprehensive and accurate provincial and territorial vaccine registries that could together form a National Vaccine Registry
  • Increase of Public awareness of adult vaccines in Canada
  • Public campaign on vaccination emphasizing that preventing illness and functional decline
    in older age is achievable and is a public health priority
  • Expanding the role of pharmacists in Canada to provide immunizations as part of a greater immunization strategy across all provinces and territories

Read the Consensus Statement