KFL&A Regional Centre for Healthy Aging Ancillary Studies Competition


The Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) is looking to fund high-quality research, knowledge translation and implementation of innovation in practice studies on healthy aging carried out in the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington (KFL&A) region. This competition is designed to support ancillary studies on older adults aged 65y+ residing in the KFL&A region who are participants in CFN’s AVOID Frailty Program via the KFL&A Centre for Healthy Aging (https://healthyagingcentres.ca). AVOID Frailty is a community-driven primary prevention intervention that aims to enable uptake and maintenance of healthy behaviours for older adults.

The central activity of the KFL&A Centre for Healthy Aging is implementation of the AVOID Frailty Program, which operationalizes each of the five AVOID Frailty (www.AVOIDfrailty.ca) components together as a complex public health primary prevention intervention. The KFL&A Centre for Healthy Aging will engage and empower people in KFL&A communities by creating an enabling environment for behaviour change that includes co-ordinated assistance for older adults to identify, navigate, and access local community and social services.

Driven by a holistic view of health, the AVOID Frailty Program for Healthy Aging provides the knowledge, tools, support, and opportunities to prevent, mitigate and/or delay the onset or worsening of frailty. Together with diverse partner organizations within the KFLA region, the KFLA Centre for Healthy Aging aims to harness and enrich communities with opportunities for ongoing age-friendly research, knowledge translation, and implementation of innovation.

Using an approach that incorporates both a digital platform and personnel support, behaviour change strategies (i.e., education, self-monitoring, signposting, and nudging), the KFLA Centre facilitates individual-level and community-level adoption of evidence-based behaviours of healthy aging (https://healthyagingcentres.ca). For additional information on specific aspects of the KFLA Centre for Healthy Aging click here.



Competition Details

The maximum length of funding term is 18 months. A total maximum competition budget of $400,000 is available for this RFP and the single proposal budget maximum is $75,000. All questions submitted to CFN regarding this competition will be answered and posted online. To access FAQs, click here.

Although not required, a proposal will be more competitive for funding if it includes partners who have committed cash or eligible in-kind contributions. There is no minimum partner contribution requirement although higher cash and in-kind partner funding will be weighted higher in proposal evaluations. Please view the Project Guidelines for more details.

How to Apply

  1. Letter of Intent (LOI)
  2. Full Application: Only Project Leaders that have previously submitted an LOI are eligible to submit Full Application. Go to CFN’s Forum website to complete the online Full Application, which will be available after the LOI deadline. Please review the Application Instructions document prior to completing the Full Application.

Important Dates

Please read the Program Guidelines and Application Instructions carefully before completing and submitting your LOI and Full Application.

  • Competition launch: September 6, 2022
  • Deadline to submit LOI: October 3, 2022 – 4 p.m. ET
  • Deadline to submit Full Application: November 7, 2022 – 4 p.m. ET
  • Adjudication of Full Applications is estimated to be completed by late December 2022
  • Successful applicants should be notified in early January 2023. Funding will commence after all necessary agreements have been executed and REB approval(s) received.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting a proposal, the applicant/organization acknowledges and agrees that CFN has no liability or obligation to any applicant/organization, except to the party (or parties) that is awarded the contract by CFN in its sole discretion. CFN shall be fully and forever released and discharged of all liability and obligations in connection with this grant. CFN reserves the right to cancel this grant at any time without any obligation or reimbursement to organizations.

Contact for further information: CFNNCEinfo@gmail.com