Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Associate your organization/brand with addressing one of Canada’s most pressing healthcare issues. Be a Canadian Frailty Network sponsor.

The CFN National Conference and FRAILTY MATTERS innovation showcase are unique in Canada as the only national scale events dedicated to seniors and frailty.  Frailty matters. 1.2 million Canadians 65-plus live with frailty as do 2.5 million Canadians who are their caregivers and hundreds of thousands more in our healthcare workforce. Canadians 65-plus account for nearly half of Canada’s healthcare spending ($105 billion in 2017), but only 15 percent of the population. In just seven years, the number of Canadians 65-plus has increased by 20 per cent to 5.9 million, for the first time ever, outnumbering Canadians 14 and younger.

Any organization or brand that reaches or serves any of these Canadians can benefit from the positive perception gained from being recognized as being a driver of improved care for older citizens.

CFN national conferences and events have brought together thousands of leading experts, citizens, senior Canadian and international leaders from business, healthcare delivery, government and academia to share the latest knowledge, evidence and innovative approaches to addressing frailty. There are also sessions involving trainees, graduate and undergraduate students who also present their project work.

CFN Sponsors have the opportunity for networking/lead generation and brand awareness/visibility with a highly-engaged audience.

Download our Sponsor Prospectus and contact CFN Communications to develop an impactful sponsorship package for your organization.