Olga Theou

Theou Olga Olga Theou, PhD

Dalhousie University & Nova Scotia Health Authority

Principal Investigator:

2022 Springboard Grants Program: Early Career Researcher (ECR) Competition — Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in Primary Care for Older Adults Living with Frailty (ECR2022-024)

2019 Health Impact of Inactivity Grant Competition – The impact of prolonged bed rest and exercise on frailty and frailty-related biological markers (CSA2019)

2018 Catalyst Grant Program – The Breaking “Bad Rest” Study: Interrupting sedentary time to reverse frailty levels in acute care (CAT 2018-27)

2015 Knowledge Synthesis Grant – A scoping review of evidence for measuring frailty in pre-hospital and hospital settings (FRA 2015-A-08)


2019 Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program – Max Al-Aqel

2018 Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program – Andrea Mayo

Dr. Olga Theou holds a Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity, Mobility and Healthy Aging, and is an Assistant Professor in Physiotherapy and Medicine at Dalhousie University. She is appointed as an Affiliated Scientist of Geriatric Medicine with Nova Scotia Health and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, Australia. She attended Aristotle University in Greece (BSc, Physical Education and Sports Sciences), California State University in Fullerton (MSc, Gerokinesiology), and Western University in Ontario (PhD, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with specialization in Health and Aging). She completed her postdoctoral work in the Department of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia Okanagan and as a Banting Postdoctoral fellow in Geriatric Medicine at Dalhousie University. Dr. Theou’s research interests include frailty (she is ranked 7th worldwide in frailty expertise by Expertscape), physical activity and aging.