CFN Investigators featured in first CLSA report on health and aging in Canada

February 11, 2019

Stay tuned to our website for more information regarding a CFN-CLSA partnership in development!!

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA), Canada’s largest and most comprehensive study on the health and well-being of the country’s aging population, today released The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Report on Health and Aging in Canada: Findings from Baseline Data Collection 2010-2015. The report presents key findings on a range of physical, mental and social aspects of aging based on data from the CLSA’s 50,000 participants, who were between the ages of 45 and 85 when they were recruited into the study.

The full report highlights insights related to: physical and psychological health, loneliness and social isolation, caregiving and care receiving, transportation and mobility, work and retirement, physical function, disability and falls, lesbian, gay and bisexual aging, and lifestyle and behaviour, among others.

CFN is proud to have several Network Investigators and other members featured in this inaugural report.

Read the Full CLSA Report