Year: 2020

CFN supports IFA consensus statement aiming to improve rates of adult pneumonia vaccination in Canada

December 23, 2020

On 20th October 2020, the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) convened an expert meeting entitled “Pneumonia vaccination in at-risk groups: A Canadian Perspective – Increasing relevance in a pandemic era.” Experts in the field of infectious diseases, leaders in patient, ageing and at-risk population organizations, professional associations and health care providers deliberated on the factors…

2021 Summer Student Awards Competition Now Open!

December 7, 2020

Every year, the Canadian Frailty Network invests in the future of frailty care by funding and training undergraduate students through an experiential program in partnership with member institutions and partners across the country. In New Brunswick, the competition is presented in collaboration with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF), with students from New Brunswick (NB) being funded…

Carving a Career Path in Geriatrics – CFN Fellow Sarah Dolsen’s Story

December 2, 2020

My name is Sarah Dolsen, and I have found so much fulfilment in my career as a nurse. More specifically, I feel my life and career have forever been impacted since finding my passion in Geriatrics and the care of older adults. I didn’t know anyone who was interested in Geriatrics when I was first…

Transforming Primary Care for Older Adults Living with Frailty: Dr. Paul Stolee

December 2, 2020

Dr. Paul Stolee is a Professor in the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo. At Waterloo, he leads the Geriatric Health Systems Research Group, and is the Director of the University of Waterloo Network for Aging Research. Paul has been involved with CFN since its early days both as…

Band-Frail Project: Improving Quality of Life for Canadians Living with Frailty & Diabetes

December 2, 2020

In late 2018, CFN funded a meeting of key stakeholders to plan and apply for funding for the Band-Frail pilot project. This project is a program led by Dr. Martin Sénéchal from the Cardiometabolic Exercise and Lifestyle Laboratory at the University of New Brunswick which features exercise and education components for older individuals with both frailty…

November 13 is Kindness Day

November 9, 2020

The Ontario Caregiver Organization supports Ontario’s 3.3 million caregivers. Caregivers may not always reach out for support, and many feel that while family and friends ask about how their care recipient is doing, they don’t always think to ask how the caregiver themselves is doing. Caregivers have shared with us that a simple gesture, such…

CFN National Conference on Frailty 2021 is going virtual and we want to hear from you!

November 5, 2020

Thank you for your participation! This survey is now closed. We want to hear from you! The Canadian Frailty Network is looking for your input regarding a virtual event(s) to happen in September 2021 to replace the annual in-person conference. The event(s) would be focused on frailty research, knowledge translation and implementation projects.   

FOCUS Ranking Round Now Open!

November 4, 2020

Earlier this year, participants completed the third round of the Canadian Frailty Network’s FOCUS (Frailty Outcomes Consensus) Project.  Following three rounds of voting with an aim to reach consensus on a core set of data elements and outcomes, a number of data elements and outcomes met consensus criteria across all three stakeholder groups.  In order to…