New studies released

December 7, 2017

Workplace practices to support caregivers: AARP and the Respect A Caregiver’s Time Coalition (ReACT) have released a new report, Supporting Working Caregivers: Case Studies of Promising Practices, which demonstrates how providing caregiver-friendly policies and practices can be an asset when organizations competing for employee talent and in retaining employees. To read the full report, visit

Province of Ontario announces Action Plan for Seniors: Aging with Confidence: Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors focuses on areas that seniors say they care about most, including living independently for as long as possible and staying connected through social, recreational and volunteer activities. Ontario is investing $155 million over three years through the action plan, including 5,000 new LTC beds over the next four years.

Demand for Long-Term Care Beds in Canada Could Double in 15 Years: A new Conference Board of Canada report, Sizing Up the Challenge: Meeting the Demand for Long-Term Care in Canada, was released on November 27th estimating that Canada could need to build 42,000 new long-term care beds in just the next five years to meet the needs of an aging population without changes to how health care for seniors is being delivered. By 2035, this number could increase to 199,000—nearly double the 255,000 beds available in 2016.

Themed Review Older Adults Living with Frailty in Hospital: Comprehensive Care is an NHS National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) themed review of recent NIHR research on identifying and managing the needs of older adults living with frailty, when in hospital.  It highlights current research taking place now and explores new approaches being developed in this important area. This review focuses on four key aspects of caring for older people living with frailty in hospital: assessment; identifying and managing symptoms associated with frailty in hospital; discharge planning; and caring environments. It features 33 published studies and 20 ongoing research projects. To view CFN frailty research related to acute and critical care, click here.

What happens when people leave the hospital?: The UK’s Healthwatch have released a new briefing, What happens when people leave hospital and other care settings? To help assess progress from the patient perspective two years on from their Safely home report, this briefing brings together what 46 local Healthwatch have heard from over 2,000 people about the discharge process since.