The CFN led Frailty Outcomes Consensus (FOCUS) Project is looking for your input!

May 21, 2019

The Frailty Outcomes Consensus (FOCUS) Project is a multi-year CFN-led initiative to develop Common Outcome Measures (COMs) and Common Data Elements (CDEs), which will enable findings from research and translational studies to be collectively analyzed to better inform patient care.  FOCUS aims to standardize research studies so that COMs and CDEs are captured in all frailty studies.

To date, the FOCUS project has included the completion of a systematic review of frailty outcomes in the published literature.  We have also surveyed persons living with frailty and their family/friend caregivers, both living in the community as well as long term care, to ensure we are including outcomes important to persons living with frailty and their caregivers in our consensus process.

Based on this preliminary work, we have identified several COMs and CDEs that will be voted on through a Delphi consensus process.  We would greatly appreciate your participation in identifying any further COMs and CDEs that may not have been identified through our preliminary work.

Please share COMs/CDEs that you feel should be included in the consensus process.  Additionally, any comments you may have are welcome.

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