AVOID Frailty: Chili Recipe

June 15, 2020

As we age, we need more of certain nutrients like Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D to keep our bones and muscles strong well into old age. Learn more about how you can stay strong and healthy with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of BodyBreak! To learn more about how to AVOID frailty, click here! To see more…

Frank and Betty McKenney — AVOIDING Frailty

June 10, 2020

Nearly two years ago, in July 2018, Betty and Frank McKenney attended a family reunion in Thunder Bay. Betty and Frank are big believers in family, and they try to do one of these every year. At ages 89 and 90 respectively, Betty and Frank bring knowledge and family history to the reunions. This one,…

AVOID Frailty: Strength Exercises!

June 8, 2020

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of BodyBreak discuss ways to improve your muscle and bone strength, to help you stay healthy as you age! To learn more about how to AVOID frailty, click here! To see more videos by Hal and Joanne click here.  

‘A phone call and a wave’: A caregiver’s story

June 2, 2020

Every day, Kim Neudorf leaves her Prince Albert, Saskatchewan home for the 30-minute walk that takes her to the retirement home where her mother Pearl lives. The home, of course, is now under limited visitation rules because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When Kim arrives, she calls her mother from a nearby walking path. Pearl comes…

News Release: CIHR & CFN filling the gap in COVID-19 research

June 2, 2020

PDF En Français        English PDF For Immediate Release June 2, 2020 The Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Frailty Network are filling the gap in COVID-19 research (Kingston, Ontario) – As we have seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults living with frailty have been disproportionately affected with devastating impacts. Though…

How Frailty Can Increase the Risk of COVID-19 and 5 Ways to Reduce It

June 1, 2020

The biggest indicator for complications from the coronavirus — even more than age — is frailty. “‘It’s really come to light that frailty is a much better indicator than age alone in making it through the other side of the COVID crisis,’ says Amy Doyle, former manager of strategic partnership development for the Canadian Frailty Network…

AVOID Frailty: Increase Your Protein Intake!

May 29, 2020

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of BodyBreak discuss ways to improve your health and AVOID frailty -like increasing your protein intake! To learn more about how to AVOID frailty, click here! To see more videos by Hal and Joanne click here.      

Deprescription vital to care and prevention of COVID-19 in older adults

May 27, 2020

CFN initially funded a pilot study for a tool called Med-Safer. This unique data was recently reanalysed and used to assess potentially harmful medication interactions in older adults at risk for COVID-19. Medications were flagged by MedSafer as being potentially inappropriate and new guidance was crafted around medication management for physicians contemplating the use of…

Caregiver Support is Paramount-CFN Fellow Sara Shearkhani’s Story

May 22, 2020

Hi, I’m Sara Shearkhani. I’m a PhD candidate at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. My research focus is on the economics of caregiving. I am an interdisciplinary fellow supported by the Canadian Frailty Network which has afforded me an opportunity to work with trainees and mentors from…

A Message from the Minister of Seniors

May 21, 2020

As Minister of Seniors, I wanted to take a moment to update you on the most recent initiatives the Government of Canada has undertaken to help seniors, their families and caregivers cope with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please feel free to share this message with your networks. COVID-19 has made life more difficult…