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Undergraduate Summer Student Awards Program

The CFN Summer Student Awards are unique in providing undergraduate students with interdisciplinary experience, while developing their knowledge of the opportunities and challenges in caring for an aging population. Students work with supervisors from their disciplines, and meet regularly with mentors from a complimentary discipline.

Students must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program at an eligible Canadian university at the time of application, and have completed all of the course requirements of at least the first year of university study (two academic terms) of his/her degree.

Preference is given to applicants that have demonstrated current or prior personal or professional interest in older adults living with frailty and/or aging through pursuing aging-related courses or specializations, or relevant work, community service or leadership experience.

Meet our 2017 Summer Student Award recipients!

CFN has funded 62 undergraduate students at 25 host institutions in five cohorts of Summer Student Awards:

Lakehead University

Daphne Haggarty (Supervisor: Ian Newhouse) – 2013

Laval University

Antoine Lague (Supervisor: Marcel Émond) -- 2016

McMaster University

Kelsey Ambrose (Supervisor: Andrew Costa) -- 2017

Nicole Babin (Supervisor: Vanina Dal Bello-Haas) -- 2016

Andrew Lagrotteria (Supervisor: Cindy Hamielec) -- 2016

Melissa Shears (Supervisor: Michelle Kho) – 2014

Lavan Sivarajah (Supervisor: Alexandra Papaioannou) -- 2017

Mount Sinai Hospital

Manpreet Basuita (Supervisor: Christine Soong) -- 2017

Ksenia Chezar (Supervisor: Christine Soong) – 2014

Brittany Marinelli (Supervisor: Sangeeta Mehata) – 2013

Andrew Perrella (Supervisor: Vicky Chau) -- 2016

Cassandra Turchet (Supervisor: Lisa Burry) – 2014

Kathleen Wheeler (Supervisor: Sangeeta Mehta) – 2014

North York General Hospital

Bridgett Hyland (Supervisor: Patricia Trbovich) -- 2017

Nova Scotia Health Authority

Jessica Shannon (Supervisor: Gregory Hirsch) -- 2016

Queen’s University

Heather Johnson (Supervisor: John Muscedere) – 2013

Ryan Pardy (Supervisor: Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz) – 2014

Simon Parlow (Supervisor: Ana Johnson) – 2013

Molly Steer (Supervisor: Kevin Woo) -- 2016

Kaylin Woods (Supervisor: John Muscedere) – 2014

Ryerson University

Patricia Julian (Supervisor: Lori Schindel Martin) -- 2016

Simon Fraser University

Cherlene Chang (Supervisor: Stephen Robinovitch) -- 2016

Kate Meffen (Supervisor: Andy Hoffer) -- 2015

Sunnybrook Research Institute

Bannuya Balasubramanaiam (Supervisor: Jacques Lee) -- 2016

Tomas Saun (Supervisor: Shelly Dev) – 2013

Trinity Western University

William Harding (Supervisor: Richard Sawatzky) – 2013

Dawson McCann (Supervisor: Richard Sawatzky) -- 2016

University of Alberta

Leo Akioyamen (Supervisor: Carole Estabrooks) -- 2015

Diana Bark (Supervisor: Adrian Wagg) -- 2015

Veronica Bergstrom (Supervisor: Carole Estabrooks) -- 2016

Samantha Kuchera (Supervisor: Wendy Duggleby) – 2014

Muhammad Moola (Supervisor: Carole Estabrooks) -- 2017

Kaitlyn Tate (Supervisor: Greta Cummings) -- 2016

University of British Columbia

Billy Zhao (Supervisor: Jennifer Baumbusch) -- 2016

University of Calgary

Madison Riddell (Supervisor: Jayna Holroyd-Leduc) – 2014

University of Guelph

Jeffrey Smallbone (Supervisor: Kimberly Wilson) -- 2017

University of Manitoba

Ryan Henrie (Supervisor: Anand Kumar) – 2013

University of Moncton

Mathilde Theriault (Supervisor: Sarah Pakzad) -- 2016

University of New Brunswick

Courtney Busson (Supervisor: Kathleen Valentine) -- 2016

Dominique Hibbert (Supervisor: Kathleen Valentine) -- 2017

Alexa Kolyvas (Supervisor: Rose McCloskey) -- 2017

Amanda Lee (Supervisor: Danielle Bouchard) -- 2017

Karen Philpott (Supervisor: Joan Kingston) -- 2016

University of Ottawa

Jamal Alkadri (Supervisor: Jeffrey Jutai) – 2013

Joseph Aziz (Supervisor: Jeffrey Jutai) – 2015

Patrique Bégin (Supervisor: Jeffrey Jutai) – 2013

Alison Knapp (Supervisor: Jose Pereira) -- 2015

Jasmine Mah (Supervisor: Jeffrey Jutai) –  2013

University of Toronto

Karen Chiu (Supervisor: Andrea Iaboni) -- 2016

University of Saskatchewan

Cody Weiler (Supervisor: Joel Lanovaz) -- 2016

University of Victoria

Cynthia Chao (Supervisor: Debra Sheets) -- 2017

Alayna Payne (Supervisor: Debra Sheets) -- 2015

Richelle Stanley (Supervisor: Debra Sheets) – 2014

University of Waterloo

Sarah Brubacher (Supervisor: Heather Keller) -- 2017

Kamayu Duggan (Supervisor: Michael Barnett-Cowan) -- 2015

Chao Dong Hu (Supervisor: Tejal Patel) -- 2016

Michelle Tanel (Supervisor: Andrew Laing) -- 2015

Ruchit Patel (Supervisor: Lora Giangregorio) -- 2015

University of Winnipeg

Thalia Magyar (Supervisor: Melanie Martin) -- 2016

Western University

Spencer Chambers (Supervisor: Ian Ball) -- 2015

Tina Felfeli (Supervisor: Robert Petrella) – 2014

Andrea Petrella (Supervisor: Matthew Heath) -- 2016